Worried about your house price after the Brexit vote? Foxtons are going door-to-door to help

Helen Cahill
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Foxtons are going door-to-door to book valuations

If you've been obsessively searching Zoopla to find out about property prices after the Brexit vote, put the laptop away - London's best loved property experts are happy to come to you in a branded Mini to answer all your questions.

Yes, that's right, Foxtons are going door-to-door in London to boost confidence and help everyone understand the post-referendum marketplace.

The estate agents have been hand-delivering letters through letter boxes that read: "Are you curious about the value of your property post Brexit? We can tell you how much your home is worth right now to help you make the best plans for your property."

How kind.

One tweeter posted this example sent out from Foxton's Twickenham office, saying: "Hand delivered just now...Foxtons saving property owners post EU referendum one at a time..."

The free, 30-minute service involves a chat with a local Foxtons manager who will tell you the value of your property and give you an update on the current market.

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It's been a difficult couple of months for Foxtons. The estate agents issued a profit warning shortly after Brexit, and, more recently, it emerged the company fired some of its employees for getting into a fight with an anarchist group outside Boris Johnson's house.

And, as if that wasn't enough, the same Class War activists are planning to "bring the noise" to Foxtons Islington again in October, in what they claim will be "the decisive battle against gentrification".