This entrepreneur is so against Trump he's made a hilarious card game about it

Lynsey Barber
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Trumped Up Cards: The World’s Biggest Deck
Reid Hoffman has created Trumped up Cards (Source: Reid Hoffman)

What do you do if you're concerned about Donald Trump becoming President and gaining power? If you're one Silicon Valley entrepreneur, you invoke the power of satire.

The founder and boss of LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman, has done just that with the creation of "Trumped up Cards", a card game erring into the realm of the ridiculous... not unlike the Presidential campaign.

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"With Trump carpet-bombing political news cycles with low-brow entertainment, we figured why not carpet-bomb low-brow entertainment with politics?" said Hoffman in a blog post on Medium.

"Thus was born Trumped Up Cards: The World’s Biggest Deck, a multi-player card game where players need really big hands to win."

It's a simple game, with hilarious consequences. Players pick ten white cards and have to best match it with a blue card which has statements such as "What's the biggest threat facing America?".

Responses on the white cards include statements such as crying babies and unreleased tax returns. The best response is chosen by a chosen "card evaluating officer", or CEO for short and the winner gets the blue card. Get enough blue cards to spell out vote (letters are at the bottom) and you're crowned the winner

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For anyone who's ever played cards against humanity, the general game play might sound familiar.

There are also Trump Cards (naturally) with "outsized" powers such as deporting an opponent's answer, or the "So sue me!" card, giving anyone the power to challenge an opponent - if the rest of the players agree.

"While Trumped Up Cards is just a game, democracy isn’t," added Hoffmann. "And ultimately that’s why we made it. We hope you play it so much you get all the fun and games out of your system now. And when Election Day arrives, don’t let the joke be on America!"