Will Yahoo ever be a verb? Exec sets out internet firm's ambitions after Verizon takeover

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Internet Companies Vie For Market Dominance
Yahoo agreed to be taken over by Verizon for nearly $5bn earlier this year (Source: Getty)

Yahoo is targeting the revenues of TV companies as it seeks success after its takeover by Verizon.

“I do think there is opportunity to [take] budget from TV,” the internet firm’s chief revenue officer Lisa Utzschneider said. “As more and more viewers spend less time on TV and more time on their mobile devices, those are the budgets that we’re going after.”

Speaking to City A.M., Utzschneider also told how she is hoping the Yahoo brand will be retained after the deal.

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The Verizon acquisition

“We’re thrilled about the acquisition, really excited about it, both for shareholders, consumers and advertisers,” she said. “And we think there are lots of opportunities to combine our assets with Verizon and AOL’s assets, both from a content perspective and a tech perspective.

“We also think there’s an opportunity internationally, because there’s such an engaged consumer base out there who are spending more and more time on their mobile phones.”

She added: “And we’re just excited to partner with Verizon, put all the assets on the table, figure out how we can leverage each other’s assets just to grow the bigger pie.”

Will the Yahoo name be retained?

Asked whether the Yahoo name will be kept after the deal is completed, Utzschneider said: “We’re in integration planning now. I personally do hope we keep the Yahoo brand, because we have such a deep, loyal consumer base and so many consumers grew up on the internet, on Yahoo.

“And also for employees… they’re so loyal to the brand. So fingers crossed, but that is part of our integration planning.”

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Will Yahoo ever be a verb?

There was a time when 21-year-old Yahoo, which is still has 1bn users and is known for its email and search services, was bigger than Google.

However, while Yahoo was bought for less than $5bn this year, Google has been valued at closer to $500bn. The word ‘Google’ has also become a verb.

Asked whether Yahoo can ever become a verb, Utzschneider said: “I don’t know if it would ever become a verb. But I do know there’s just tremendous opportunity to keep our billion users engaged… with our rich content and the services that we offer and to grow that pie.”