iOS 10: Apple software update glitch causes iPhones to crash

Jake Cordell
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Apple Holds Press Event To Introduce New iPhone
The iPhone 7 will launch later this week (Source: Getty)

Apple is used to clean, crisp and perfectly stage-managed product launches.

Unfortunately, this evening's unveiling of its all-singing iOS 10 software update didn't quite go as smoothly as the tech giant would have liked.

The new operating system, which includes a new home screen and a much smarter Siri, went live at 6pm this evening, but users instantly complained the software update was paralysing their phones and wiping data.

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Several users took to social media, presumably with an alternative phone, to complain the update had "bricked" - a term used to describe an unresponsive iPhone - their Apple device.

iOS 10, announced alongside the iPhone 7 last week, allows users to uninstall Apple apps, such as Maps, the calculator and Stocks for the first time.

Apple reminded users to backup their iPhones before attempting to upgrade to iOS 10 and said it was easier to do so through iTunes on a desktop computer than directly onto an iPhone.

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