The Shard honoured among UK landmarks in mass biscuit sculpture by Macmillan Cancer Support

Francesca Washtell
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So. Much. Tea. Dipping. Awaits. (Source: Macmillan Cancer Support)

It might be hard, but you need to stop yourself from nibbling on the skyline.

Not the UK's actual skyline of course. Ahead of its World’s Biggest Coffee Morning event on 30 September, Macmillan Cancer Support has gone all Bake-Off on us and recreated the UK’s skyline using 25,000 biscuits in an 80-foot sculpture.

What a kooky (or maybe cookie) idea.

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While sculptures including the Old Trafford, Edinburgh Castle and Whitby Abbey fared well when turned into a crumbly creation, we fear The Shard didn't quite take to the form.

Although it may look impressive here....

Just putting on the finishing touches (Source: Macmillan Cancer Support)

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... A slight change of the angle, and it's looking a little less majestic.

Probably the first time anyone's said "Ahh, isn't it cute?" about the huge, skyscraping building (Source: Macmillan Cancer Support)

Oh well, points to Macmillan still for trying. It's all the same once it's dipped in tea.