These are the skills most likely to help you climb the corporate ladder

Jessica Morris
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Listening skills will help workers get ahead in financial services (Source: Getty)

Scaling the corporate ladder requires a lot of hard work, but developing certain skills can make your ascent that little bit easier.

According to a study released today by training company Huthwaite International and market researcher YouGov, leadership (63 per cent) and people management skills (61 per cent) will propel employees to the top.

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Listening skills (51 per cent) were the second most valued by business leaders. A silver tongue will also work in an employee's favour, with negotiation (46 per cent) and persuasiveness (45 per cent) taking fourth and fifth-place respectively.

And anyone keen on becoming the next Lloyd Blankfein ought to sharpen their ears — financial services is the biggest believer that listening skills (60 per cent) and questioning skills (42 per cent) can help people get ahead.

But unfortunately for disgraced BHS tycoon Sir Philip Green, retail is the industry which rates leadership most highly, on 67 per cent. And unsurprisingly, manufacturing is the biggest supporter of specialist/role-relevant skills, on 43 per cent.