Three at 3: The three stories you need to read right now

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Top three picks of the day (Source: Getty)

It’s Friday afternoon - so why bother trawling the internet for something to read?

We’ve put together the top three stories of the day in bite size form, just to make your life that bit easier.

Check out our three at three.

It’s a Tea-volution

As if making a cuppa isn’t quick enough, a tea maker has created a line of liquid instant teas, waving goodbye to to the traditional way of brewing. Coming in an aerosol can, the flavours currently available are black tea, Earl Grey and Jasmine. Seem tempting? Take a look at how you can make your perfect cup.

Are you really allergic to gluten?

The number of people banishing gluten from their diets is rising, but not all those who claim to be allergic to gluten actually are. The growing interest in a gluten-free diet may all be down to the public perception of its health benefits. If you’re not convinced, we've pulled up some data from experts.

'Reluctant adult'? Tune in to Union Jack

The founders of Absolute Radio have launched a new radio station which promises to celebrate British artists. The station, aptly named Union Jack, also vows to be “fully interactive”. Find out what that means here.

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