Class War activists are descending on Foxtons Islington to have another brawl

Helen Cahill
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Foxtons estate agent signs
Foxtons strive for a shiny image - but the company is often mired in controversy (Source: Foxtons)

Anarchist group Class War are set to take to the streets of Islington again to kick-start some trouble with Foxtons estate agents.

Foxtons and Class War have already clashed on the pavements on the leafy north London borough. The clans fought in front of Boris Johnson's house on 15 July; three Foxtons estate agents lost their jobs.

Now, Class War have planned "the decisive battle against gentrification", calling on their followers to "Bring noise!" to Foxtons' Islington branch on 5 October.

How "decisive" the battle will actually be is unclear, because everyone knows the real battle against gentrification will involve building more houses, not beating up estate agents.

Class War have been spreading the word to anarchist friends online (Source:Twitter)

And although Class War likes to make "noise", the anarchists are not the only people who are angry about London's housing crisis. FTSE 100 housebuilder Berkeley Group recently went on a massive rant about it.

If the demonstration is anything like the last encounter, it's set to be a colourful affair. In the last round, Class War activists with red flares shouted at the estate agents while one old man tried to poke them with a walking stick.

The clash is symbolic of the cultural mix in Islington; it's an area popular with young bankers, but it is also the seat of far-left Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The Class War activists claim to be fighting gentrification, but the area is pretty gentrified already.