The Apple Watch 2 is here (and it's waterproof)


The Apple Watch is getting an upgrade (Source: Getty)

Apple has unveiled a second version of its smartwatch - the Apple Watch Series 2.

Crucially, the new version will be waterproof for swimming up to 50m deep.

On stage at an event boss Tim Cook also unveiled the iPhone 7, he claimed the original Apple Watch is now the second best selling watch brand in the world by revenue behind only Rolex.

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Early buyers of the Apple Watch, which launched last year, have often expressed their need for more features from it and sales declined by 55 per cent in the second quarter this year compared to last as demand cooled.

In the new device, it has also improved the screen quality and claims it's now two times brighter than the original. It has also improved the processing power.

A new material has also been employed - ceramic - and GPS has been added

Apple called it "the ultimate device for a healthy life" as it announced a partnership with Nike, which ended its own foray into wearables with the Nike fuelband two years ago. It will have its own Nike branded watch in a range of colours.

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The new Series 2 will be priced at £369 and is available for pre-order on September 9. The Apple Watch Nike Plus will have the same price tag and be available in late October.

In addition to the new model, the original watch has been updated with a new dual core to improve performance. It will be renamed the Series 1 and will start at £269.

Wacth iOS 3, the latest update for the watch announced earlier this year at the Apple developer conference will be available from 13 September.

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