These are the most right-swiped professions on Tinder in the UK

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The most popular male job title was lawyer, and for females it is teacher, Tinder said (Source: Getty)

If you thought working hard and building your way up to a chief executive position would make you more attractive, you might well be right.

But it might be easier just to become a humble journalist.

Tinder has revealed the most attractive job titles - measured in terms of swiping right - on its dating app, with entrepreneur/chief executive coming sixth in the male category.

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It followed lawyer, actor, creative director, flight attendant and journalist in the list of attractive male roles.

The most popular female jobs were teacher, dentist, speech pathologist, interior designer and event planner.

Lawyer also featured in the top list for females, coming in at sixth, ahead of real estate agent, personal trainer, registered nurse and journalist.

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Most right-swiped professions on Tinder in UK

Male Female
Lawyer Teacher
Actor Dentist
Creative Director Speech Pathologist
Flight Attendant Interior Designer
Journalist Event Planner
Entrepreneur/CEO Lawyer
Architect Real Estate Agent
Personal Trainer Personal Trainer
Teacher Registered Nurse
Doctor Journalist
Photographer Recruiter
Registered Nurse Musician
Engineer Psychologist
Model Model
Chef Flight Attendant

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