Health-conscious millennials go bananas for fruit and herbal infusion teas

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Health-conscious millennials have been behind a boom in demand for fruit and herbal infusion teas sales this year at one of the world's fastest-growing premium tea brands.

Young tea drinkers have pushed sales of non-traditional fruit and herbal brews up 43 per cent at Southampton-based Ahmad Tea in the last eight months alone.

The bestselling blends have so far been classics of the healthier tea genre, with lemon and ginger, chamomile and "detox" flavours excelling.

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The loose leaf specialist tea company, which is based in Southampton, is now aiming to double fruit and herbal blend sales over the next three years, as consumers continue to move away from traditional black tea and coffee.

"Builder's tea is becoming less popular as consumer palettes are now arguably more sophisticated," said Dr Ali Afshar, general manager and board member of Ahmad Tea.

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"Capitalising on this growing demand for fruit/herbal infusions from a younger generation, we’re looking to raise the standard of tea worldwide. Health-conscious millennials are increasingly opting for blends to showcase their identity, not only in front of their friends but also on social media, and we aim to help them achieve this, providing continuous new flavours."

Millennials opting for less caffeinated and more health-aware brews should come as no surprise - this is the generation that is drinking less than its parents did and has even started rejecting bacon as part of its all-round health kick.

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