These are the university towns where house price growth could pay for tuition fees

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House price growth in Manchester could pay off university fees altogether (Source: Getty)

What with top-up fees and inflation, going to university has become considerably more expensive in the past few years - but what if you could kill two birds with one stone, and pay off your university fees with your accommodation?

New research by has found the universities where house price growth in the local area could pay for your entire university tuition fees.

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Those heading off to Manchester, where prices are expected to increase by £30,108 in the next three years, will be sitting pretty if they invest in property before they head to uni - as will those going to Coventry, Birmingham and University of East Anglia.

HouseSimple said it left out London because "there are very few parents who could realistically buy a property for their child studying in the capital".

Where house prices will help you pay

University Three-year increase in prices Average house price
Manchester £30,108 £147,700
Coventry £26,625 £153,926
Birmingham £42,697 £156,153
Aston (Birmingham) £42,697 £156,153
UAE (Norwich) £36,185 £182,114
Portsmouth £35,284 £185,365
Southampton £36,520 £188,140
Cardiff £31,599 £188,251
Loughborough £30,542 £193,606
York £42,697 £229,881

It's worth pointing out that the figures are based on price growth since 2013 - and recent figures have suggested the housing market is having a decidedly choppy moment (only yesterday, one estate agent described conditions since the Brexit vote as "unsettled").

"It’s hardly surprising that young people are thinking twice about heading off to university when they’re faced with a £27,000 headache that they have to pay back," said Alex Gosling, HouseSimple's chief executive.

“There’s a good chance parents of undergraduates will be expected to help cover the cost of rent, tuition or both. By investing in a second home, your child won’t have to pay living costs, as the rent will cover that, and the increase in capital value could cover the cost of tuition fees.”

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