Four improvements which need to happen before Oxford Street can be pedestrianised

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Sadiq Khan wants to pedestrianise Oxford Street by 2020 (Source: Getty)

Sadiq Khan is under pressure to remove buses from Oxford Street to clear the way for happy shoppers - but before Oxford Street is pedestrianised there are a lot more changes the London Assembly have in mind.

The London Assembly's Transport Committee wrote to Sadiq Khan today, suggesting ways to help the pedestrianisation of the street happen. Here are four improvements it wants to see for the capital's busiest shopping street:

1. More support for disabled people in the West End

The committee pointed out pedestrianisation will mean different things to different people - and disabled people will still need transport to get around easily.

Caroline Pidgeon, the committee's chair, said taxis should still be allowed into Oxford Street to allow a "valuable door-to-door service" for those who need it.

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2. Helping shoppers get out of Crossrail stations

With Crossrail stations opening at Bond Street and Tottenham Court Road, the way people access Oxford Street and the surrounding area is set to change dramatically in the coming years.

"It is vital that these stations have comprehensive and accurate wayfinding within and around them to enable people to find the entries and exits they need," Pidgeon wrote.

"Failure to do this may increase pedestrian congestion, which is likely to remain a challenge even after pedestrianisation."

3. More pedestrian crossings at Hyde Park

Getting between Oxford Street and Hyde Park is currently a bit of a nightmare - and the committee has called for Khan to introduce more safe crossings to ease the journey.

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"This is an opportunity for improving the visitor experience and should be addressed by TfL working with the Royal Parks, New West End Company and Westminster Council," Pidgeon said.

4. Safe cycling routes

Cycling around the centre of London - especially trying to navigate lines of buses - is still not safe enough.

Pidgeon said more east-west cycle routes are needed through the centre of the capital, adding:

Despite recent public realm improvements, road safety remains a major concern, with alarming casualty rates among pedestrians and cyclists.

Oxford Street is used by many cyclists at present, despite it being one of London's most dangerous roads.

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