Parents are forking out more to buy homes near top schools

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House Prices Are Stagnant In London
Two London boroughs featured in the top 10 (Source: Getty)

Parents are increasingly prepared to pay a hefty premium to buy a home within the catchment area of Britain's best state schools.

Lloyds Bank research released today showed they are willing to fork out an average of £53,000 more to live in an area close to a top performing state school — an increase of £13,000 (31 per cent) from last year.

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Average property prices in the postal districts of the best 30 state schools in England which achieved the strongest GCSE results in 2015 have hit £366,744, the research also showed. This means they trade at a premium of about 17 per cent compared to the county average.

Homes located near Beaconsfield High School attracted the largest premium, fetching nearly £1m. They're trading £629,021 (171 per cent) above the county average house price of £367,191.

House prices in the postal district of The Henrietta Barnett School trade at a premium of £429,506 (74 per cent) compared to the whole of Barnet — the second highest premium; followed by Sir William Borlase's Grammar School in Buckinghamshire with a premium of £220,082 and the Tiffin Girls School in Kingston upon Thames where nearby home values command an additional £192,011.

The top 10 are all grammar schools which require prospective pupils to pass an entrance examination.

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Andrew Mason, Lloyds Bank mortgage products director, said: "Schools with the best exam performance are proving to be an increasingly strong draw for homemovers, as we've seen house prices rise sharply in locations close to such schools."

"The popularity of areas close to high performing schools may mean that homes remain unaffordable for buyers on average earnings."

School Postal District County/borough Average house price 2016 Average house price in county 2016 Premium to county (£) Premium to county (%)
Beaconsfield High School HP9 Buckinghamshire £996,212 £367,191 629,021 171
The Henrietta Barnett School NW11 Barnet £1,011,016 £581,510 429,506 74
Sir William Borlase's Grammar School SL7 Buckinghamshire £587,272 £367,191 220,082 60
The Tiffin Girls' School KT2 Kingston upon Thames £721,078 £529,066 192,011 36
Dr Challoner's High School HP7 Buckinghamshire £535,498 £367,191 168,308 46
Altrincham Grammar School for Girls WA14 Cheshire £380,847 £229,127 151,720 66
Stratford Girls' Grammar School CV37 Warwickshire £344,502 £256,777 87,725 34
King Edward VI School CV37 Warwickshire £344,502 £256,777 87,725 34
The Skinners' School TN4 Kent £394,904 £308,286 86,618 28
Clitheroe Royal Grammar School BB7 Lancashire £232,694 £153,238 79,455 52
Top thirty state schools average £366,744 313,318 53,426 17