UK told there can be no "cherry picking" in Brexit negotiations

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The UK voted to leave the European Union on 23 June (Source: Getty)

The UK will not be able to “cherry pick” in its Brexit negotiations, the vice president of the European Commission has warned.

Valdis Dombrovskis was speaking after Prime Minister Theresa May and her ministers agreed on Wednesday to pursue a “unique” model for the UK’s relationship with the EU.

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A Downing Street spokeswoman said on Wednesday: “This must mean controls on the numbers of people who come to Britain from Europe but also a positive outcome for those who wish to trade goods and services.”

Dombrovskis said on Saturday that conditions on free movement of goods, services, capital and labour are “a package and there cannot be cherry picking – you like free movement of capital but don’t like free movement of labour, or the other way around”.

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He also urged the UK government to trigger Brexit negotiations “without undue delay”.

Dombrovskis told Bloomberg in an interview: “It is important to provide some direction of the work and limit this period of uncertainty.”

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