London tech startups are heading on a trade mission to the US

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Tech startups from London are eyeing New York City (Source: Getty)

More than 20 of London's top tech startups will head to the US with the backing of City Hall to drum up interest among investors and strengthen transatlantic business ties.

The trade mission will be led by the deputy mayor for business and fintech startup founder Rajesh Agrawal and the delegation will include entrepreneurs Sarah Wood, founder of Unruly, and Karryn Parsons, founder of Decoded.

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Startups heading on the seven day trip to New York City and Chicago, include the smart cities startup Pavegen, the company behind children's book Lost My Name and background check startup Onfido.

“London’s is one of the most vibrant and diverse places in the world to start and grow a technology business," said Mayor of London Sadiq Khan.

"These high growth companies have the potential to become the next global tech giants and I am delighted that they will join me in showing the world that London is open to talent, business and collaborations.”

It's the first tech trade mission to take place under the new Mayor and the first following the EU referendum and vote for Brexit.

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The industry was largely against leaving the EU and there have been concerns the outcome will damage the UK's position as a European leader in tech.

More than $200m (£152.5m) has been invested in UK startups since Brexit, according to initial data, while the vote did not put off Japan's SoftBank from buying tech success ARM in a multi-billion pound deal.

Uncertainty remains around issues such as the Single Market, access to talent and passporting for fintech firms in the long term, however.

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