Yi 4K Action Camera review: This budget GoPro imitator is easily as good as a GoPro


The recent and unrelenting proliferation of “action cameras” suggests lots of action is happening all around us, even though apart from the time I saw a very tall man in cargo shorts long-boarding in the bus lane, and Jeremy Vine getting shouted at by an irate driver, I can’t remember seeing much that was worth recording.

Regardless, here’s the Yi 4K Action Camera, a brazen GoPro impersonator that’s as good as (and occasionally better than) a GoPro. It’s far cheaper too, at just $249, and thanks to a seemingly indifferent attitude to IP it’s also compatible with all of GoPro’s mounts.

Like the GoPro Hero4 Silver, it has a touchscreen on the rear, but its interior specifications are more comparable to the top-range Hero4 black.

A lightning-quick 240fps camera can record at 720p resolution. While at full 4K recording it can still manage 30fps. There’s scarcely an original feature to be found in this little box, but the performance, build and picture quality can’t be faulted.

A powerful Chinese doppelganger, the Yi 4K Action Camera will give GoPro an action-packed run for its money.