Three at 3: The three stories you need to read right now

Nina Edy
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Dwindling Newspaper Sales Echo Through Economy
Top three picks of the day (Source: Getty)

We’re officially halfway through the working week - to celebrate, we’ve put together the top three stories of the day in bite-sized form, just to make your life that bit easier.

Time for a coffee break? Check out our three at three.

London is burning, again.

A 120 metre-long sculpture of London’s 17th-century skyline will be set alight on the Thames. This spectacular show is to commemorate a particularly significant event in the capital’s history. We’ve put together a guide to everything you need to know.

Podcast: The City's most secretive sector

We spoke to two specialists in kidnap insurance, and asked them for their tips on how to avoid kidnap in the first place, as well as how to prepare your family if you're heading abroad.

An unlikely tech giant is getting into ride-sharing

One of Silicon Valley’s biggest names is launching a real-time mapping and navigation app which will allow users to catch a ride from a driver heading in the same direction who has a spare seat. This may sound familiar, but should anyone be worried?