Great British Menu chef Adam Handling's TripAdvisor meltdown, in which he calls customer an imbecile who should stick to McDonald's

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Adam Handling on the latest season of Great British Menu

Great British Menu contestant Adam Handling has branded a customer “the prime example of an imbecile” who should “stick in McDonalds”.

The head chef at new restaurant The Frog was responding to a negative review on TripAdvisor, saying the online critic was “just stupid”, “lead[s] a very sad life”, and suggesting even McDonald's would be out of his price range.

The outburst came after a user called Piotr P left a three star review, calling the food “average”. Handling, a runner-up on 2013’s Masterchef: The Professionals, has responded to other reviews with comments such as “some people are just a bigger person on the other side of a computer screen”.

The replies to negative reviews have now been removed, but here's a screen-grab:

The replies were posted by a user called “Lindsey J, PA at The Frog”, but a spokesperson confirmed they were written by Handling, saying he has now offered a “personal apology” to Piotr P, albeit two months after the review was posted. Handling declined to make any further comment.

Here’s the text in full:

We went to The Frog with my wife after Bloomberg review for lunch. First of all, they lost our reservation, but after some time they managed to get a table.

The food was very average. “Beetroot, beetroot, beetroot” was just a bit of beetroot with a lot of sugar. Other meals were very average. Chef is trying hard to make it look fancy and new, but several meals were either bland, or just way too salty.

Service was also poor, with meals not coming at same time for both of us.

In general, we think it’s overpriced for what it is and way too overhyped.

And the response:


Your understanding regarding food is outstanding.

You are the prime example of an imbecile. If you think that we are over priced you lead a very sad life.

The food is sharing plates costing from £4, so it comes as and when it’s ready, do read your menu it even says that.

Its funny that you described the ‘beetroot’ like that; and only coming due to the review you read.. With them talking about the beetroot. -But you thought you know better that Bloomberg – food is personal and the little knowledge you have even though food is personal your just stupid as the beetroot is not just some beetroot with some sugar on...

Please never come back or for that matter stick in Mcdonalds – I know it’s a touch out of your price range but try it, you will probably enjoy it.


The Frog Team

Reviews for The Frog have been largely positive, although I struggled with the relentless onslaught of flavours involved in the tasting menu. On TripAdvisor it has scored 27 “excellent” reviews compared to only four “average” and one “poor”.

Handling responded to the negative comments in his own inimitable style, tweeting:

Handling appeared earlier this week on the Scottish Starter round of Great British Menu, comfortably beating Michael Bremner and Ally McGrath. His dishes included an English cheddar tart and curried mussels.

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