Theresa May tells Cabinet ministers to come up with a plan for Brexit

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May is determined to make sure Brexit goes ahead

Prime Minister Theresa May is forcing her Cabinet ministers to come up with a plan for Brexit ahead of a meeting at Chequers, her country retreat.

May is ploughing ahead with Britain's plan to leave the European Union; it emerged yesterday she has been talking to lawyers about avoiding a parliamentary vote on Brexit before triggering Article 50.

Now, it appears she is making sure her colleagues do their homework as well. On Wednesday, Cabinet ministers will present action plans to May, detailing how their department will make Brexit work, according to the Telegraph.

May will also discuss the next steps in the UK's negotiations to leave the EU with her colleagues, before she flies out to China for a G20 meeting next weekend.

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The Prime Minister's forward momentum on Brexit comes after Labour leadership contender Owen Smith said he would push for a second vote on Britain's EU membership.

Smith promised his party's membership that he would ensure Brits vote on the issue, either in a general election or a second referendum.

Meanwhile, the former head of the civil service, Lord O'Donnell, has said the UK may remain in the EU - but as part of a "broader, more loosely aligned group" of nations.

O'Donnell said: "While we can leave relatively quickly, what leaving means is a huge administrative and legislative change because of all of those rules and laws and directives that have been implemented over this last 40 years.

"My instinct is we will almost certainly stick with them and say 'OK, we'll keep them for now', so you can leave with everything in place."

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