Being an assistant to master chocolatier Paul A Young is probably the best PA job in the City

Francesca Washtell
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Being PA to a chocolatier would be wonderful for everything but the waistline (Source: Getty)

We wouldn’t say this lightly, but we may have come across what could well be the best PA job in the City.

Paul A Young, master chocolatier and owner of the branch of luxury Paul A Young Fine Chocolates shops that bear his name, is apparently looking for a “dynamic and hard working PA with experience”.

Such skills could, The Capitalist thinks, include: Easter egg eating, gazing longingly at pricey treats at Paul A Young’s Royal Exchange shop and Malteser blowing (like they do in the ads).

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There would be few drawbacks to being a PA to a chocolate aficianado, though we can imagine after a while all that sampling could take its toll on your waistline.

Though what a good reason to be that little bit more rotund.

Might be time for a career change.

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