Merkel, Renzi and Hollande had this to say about Brexit

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Hollande, Renzi And Merkel Meet In Berlin Following Brexit Vote
The trio have met today to discuss a number of matters facing the EU (Source: Getty)

The French President has today urged EU countries to reject nationalist tendencies as he met with the leaders of two of the bloc's major economies.

Francois Hollande is meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi in Italian aircraft carrier Garibaldi, which is currently playing a critical role in Europe's migrant rescue efforts.

According to Associated Press, Hollande has said Europe can enjoy a future of "unity and cohesion" but only by fighting against "dislocation, egotism, folding in on ourselves".

The French President has good reason to be concerned about a turn towards nationalism. The country is due to hold presidential elections next year, and French National Front leader Marine Le Pen, who has previously promised a referendum on EU membership, is garnering support.

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Meanwhile, Renzi has said he wants to "write a future chapter" now that the UK's Leave decision has been announced.

"Many thought the EU was finished after Brexit but that is not how it is," he added, according to AFP.

As well as talking about what Brexit means for the union at large, Merkel also voiced concerns about terrorism, the war in Syria and migrant smuggling.

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