Quiz: Can you answer these tough new Cambridge entrance exam questions?

Lynsey Barber
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General view of the Cambridge University
It's not as plain sailing as last year for wannabe Cambridge students (Source: Getty)

Cambridge is making it even harder to get into the world-class university and for the first time in 30 years, is bringing back the entrance exam for students wanting to bag a much coveted place.

No longer is that string of A star passes at A-Level enough to open the door, there are a series of tough questions to test wannabe grads of the institution from this year onwards.

Think you could get your head around them? Give it a go below to see if you're top of the class.


Calves farmed for veal are reared in extremely cruel conditions and have a short and miserable life. Other meats are available, such as lamb, and meat-eaters who are concerned about cruelty to animals should avoid veal and consume one of these alternatives. Which one of the following is an underlying assumption of the above argument?


There are any number of theories to explain these events and, since even the experts disagree, it is ___ the rest of us in our roles as responsible scholars to ___ dogmatic statements. Each of the following pairs of words can be inserted into the blanks, but which pair makes the best sense?


Albert says: "Everything Caroline says is true." Betty says: "Everything I say is false." Caroline says: "Everything David says is true." David says: "Everything Caroline says is false." Who is the only one who could be telling the truth?


This is Thomas Leslie Fuller's brass paperweight, which shows his initials. Which one of the following is not a side view of the paperweight when it is placed flat on a table (either side up)?

Not only are these multiple choice style questions facing the future scholars, there are more in-depth questions potential candidates must face - and that's even before the in-person interview.

According to the Mail on Sunday, students also face essay questions such as: must all revolutions fail? And; has the recent European migrant crisis challenged or reinforced racism?.

Think that's tough? Just look a the questions they face after graduation in the real world if they want to work at the world's top banks.