Quiz: How much do you know about the Night Tube?

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The Night Tube is set to transform London

It's Night Tube day: everyone is gearing up for the long-awaited arrival of the best moment in London's history since Boris Johnson got stuck on a zipwire.

It may seem like a simple concept (Tubes, all the time), but its inception was a political and logistical nightmare.

So how much do you actually know about the Night Tube? Test your knowledge on London's new nocturnal transport network in our quiz.

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What is the name of the Night Tube's mascot?

The Night Tube's owl was unveiled last year - but what is he called?

How much will the Night tube add to the night time economy?

It's been hailed as a saviour of the capital's nocturnal trade - but how much will it add?

What did Amsterdam’s night mayor say about Night Tube?

No one's having a nightmare when the night mayor is in charge...

Where have house prices gone up most because of Night Tube?

Time to cash in if you live in one of these places...

Which nightclub will not benefit on Night Tube's first weekend?

One of these nightclubs has closed its doors indefinitely.

How many CCTV cameras will be keeping a watchful eye over Night Tube passengers?

Does it feel like someone's watching? That's because they are...

When he was asked who will travel on the Night Tube, what was Sadiq Kahn’s terrible response?

London's new mayor didn't get it quite right...

How many extra police officers will be on the tube network to cope with all the extra drunk Londoners?

Safety first...

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