This is how people are most likely to talk about London

Laura Parsons
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Locals and non-locals alike share a similar opinion on how these people might be feeling (Source: Getty)

People have been gossiping about life in London – and what they have to say does not make for a relaxing read.

Over a third (36 per cent) of non-Londoners would describe the city as "stressful", according to The Rias City Index, released today.

However, the perception only gets worse once you venture into the capital itself, with three-fifths (61 per cent) of Londoners using the same adjective.

The survey asked residents of the 10 most populated cities in the UK what words they would use to describe their own city and the other nine to see the difference in perception and reality.

Top word locals used to describe their town

Birmingham: Dirty (29%)

Bradford: Deprived (58%)

Bristol: Happy (34%)

Edinburgh: Affluent (48%)

Glasgow: Happy (59%)

Leeds: Happy (33%)

Liverpool: Happy (63%)

London: Stressful (61%)

Manchester: Happy (32%)

Sheffield: Happy (31%)

Just over a third (34 per cent) of non-locals also described London as "affluent", whereas 36 per cent of Londoners called it "dirty".

Greater London also ranked halfway down in the list of the 10 cities in terms of safety, in the figures Rias compiled from crime data. 1,159 crimes were committed per 10,000 of the population compared to 1,681 in Manchester, which came in bottom place.

The safest city, according to crime figures, was Edinburgh, which had a comparatively low 731 crimes per 10,000.

Adam Clarke, managing director at Rias, commented: "Whether your home town has a low or high crime rate, having the right level of insurance cover is vital to make sure you are protected from an unexpected cost following a break in or another incident affecting your property.

"Should the worst happen, having a comprehensive policy in place with a provider you can trust will ensure any claims are stress free – one less thing to worry about."

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