Three job titles which will earn you a bigger bonus than a chief executive

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Global account managers, partners and chief operating officers earn the biggest bonuses, according to Glassdoor (Source: Getty)

You don’t have to be a chief executive to earn a sizeable bonus.

In fact, according to new research out today, that isn’t the position you should be aiming for anyway – at least for bonuses.

‘Global account manager’ has been named as the top title for annual sweeteners, according to jobs and recruitment website Glassdoor, with a median of £37,000.

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Job title: Median bonus

1. Global account manager: £37,000

2. Partner: £33,500

3. Chief operating officer: £31,500

4. Chief executive: £30,450

5. Portfolio manager: £30,000

6. Equity trader: £30,000

7. Broker: £27,500

8. Investment bank associate: £25,375

9. Trader: £25,000

10. Account executive: £24,000

UK average (according to ONS): £1,500

‘Partner’ (£33,500) and ‘chief operating officer’ (£31,500) have been named as the next best roles for salary top-ups, followed in fourth place by ‘chief executive’ (£30,450).

In terms of total compensation, however, chief executives come out on top, with a median of £155,000 – far ahead of the £90,000 enjoyed by global account managers.

The rest of the top 10 is made up of portfolio managers, equity traders, brokers, investment banking associates, traders and account executives.

Chief executives win on total pay

Job title Median bonus Median total compensation
Global account manager £37,000 £90,000
Partner £33,500 £150,000
Chief operating officer £31,500 £152,500
Chief executive £30,450 £155,000
Portfolio manager £30,000 £115,000
Equity trader £30,000 £120,938
Broker £27,500 £85,000
Investment banking associate £25,375 £100,000
Trader £25,000 £89,500
Account executive £24,000 £60,500

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According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the average UK bonus as of 2015 was £1,500.

Bartenders (£7,200, with a total median compensation of £20,449), tax managers (£5,000, with £69,925) barista (£2,160, with £16,320), editors (£1,800, with £34,139) and customer care executives (£1,000, with £16,920) came outside of the top 10 but were highlighted also by Glassdoor.

“People traditionally think that those working in finance earn the biggest bonuses,” said Diarmuid Russell, Glassdoor’s head of international. “Whilst finance roles such as portfolio managers, traders and brokers take five of the top ten spots, it’s interesting that they are nearer the bottom of our list.

“The earning potential of top sales professional is evident, with global account managers taking top billing, and of course senior workers such as CEOs and COOs with greater experience and qualifications also doing well.”

Outside of the top 10