Retail groups hail long-awaited introduction of the Night Tube

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People are seen in the London Undergroun
The group said workers would benefit from the Night Tube (Source: Getty)

Retail groups have welcomed the long-awaited introduction of the Night Tube to give business a boost and make London more attractive for visitors.

The Night Tube is scheduled to get started Friday 19 August, after first being unveiled by Transport for London in September 2014.

The New West End Company, which provides a voice for London's West End, representing the world's largest retail destination, including Bond Street, Oxford Street and Regent Street, welcome the introduction.

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Steven Medway, managing director of trading environment at the New West End Company commented: “We welcome the introduction of the Night Tube later this week which will grant increased flexibility and access to the whole of the West End for workers, visitors and tourists alike.

“London’s West End is a world-class destination, not just for retail, but for leisure and entertainment, food and beverage. Extended operating hours on the tube over the weekend, will ensure visitors are able to fully enjoy all that the West End offers, whilst benefitting businesses and enabling the district to remain competitive against other international leisure districts.”

Meanwhile, chief executive of the Association of Convenience Stores James Lowman said: “Convenience stores in London are already open longer hours than the rest of the country, typically over fourteen hours a day and often late into the evening. The introduction of the Night Tube may provide an opportunity for some to extend hours further so that they can offer food and other essential services to commuters, shift workers, and others out late at night.”

In other news, TfL has confirmed that there will be "an enhanced policing presence during the overnight services", with more than 100 police officers being deployed to patrol the 144 stations that will be open throughout the night each weekend.

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