Do you take contactless cards? How about dog leads? These are the 10 items Britons want to be contactless payment-enabled

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Note: You might want to use a long lead so as not to cause your pet any harm (Source: Barclaycard)

Contactless payments may already be ubiquitous here in the City, but with the ever-encroaching tide of the Internet of Things people might start using some slightly more unusual payment methods in the future.

Contactless technology is used to make around seven million transactions per day in the UK, but what about cufflinks? Watches? Even your dog’s lead?

Almost seven in 10 contactless payment users would prefer to add contactless functionality to something they already own or wear rather than purchasing a brand new wearable payment device, according to research from Barclaycard.

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Topping the list of preferred personal items that could be future-fied was a watch, followed by a bracelet or ring from a family member, and bringing up third place was a wedding rings.

In fourth place was a dog’s lead. From the outset, this might seem a bit bizarre, but think about all those dog walkers on your street who time their dog walks with trips to the local cornershop or Tesco Metro.

Sunglasses, comfy jumpers and cufflinks were in the top 10 too. We’ll stick to cards, just for now, though, thanks.

These are the 10 items Britons most want to be contactless-enabled:

1. Watch
2. Bracelet/ring from family member
3. Wedding ring
4. Dog's lead
5. Comfy jumper
6. Sunglasses
7. Favourite hat
8. Cufflinks
9. Vintage handbag
10. Pocket watch

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