Who tops the list of Britain’s 10 most popular politicians?

Theresa May Visits A Manufacturing Workshop
T-May is top dog as BoJo's star falls (Source: Getty)

Just one month into her tenure as Prime Minister, Theresa May has emerged as Britain’s most popular politician, stealing the top spot from Boris Johnson who has suffered a fall from grace in the wake of the EU referendum.

May won favour with Conservative MPs following David Cameron’s resignation on 24 June and has since risen in public opinion, according to a new online poll conducted by ComRes on behalf of the Independent and the Sunday Mirror.

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Viewed favourably by 42 per cent and unfavourably by 24 per cent, May has risen in the ranks by 13 points since last November and is the only MP to receive a positive rating.

Johnson, who previously topped the charts, has lost popularity since leading the Brexit campaign, falling four points since February this year.

Britain's favourite politicians

1. Theresa May  (42%)

2. Boris Johnson (36%)

3. Hillary Clinton  (34%)

4. The Conservative Party  (31%)

5. David Cameron  (27%)

6. The Labour Party  (26%)

7. Nigel Farage  (24%)

8. Jeremy Corbyn  (22%)

9. Philip Hammond  (14%)

10. Owen Smith  (11%)

The divisive character now splits opinion down the middle too and is considered almost as popular as he is unpopular, receiving 36 per cent of votes in favour and 37 per cent against. This marks the first time that the now secretary of state for foreign and commonwealth affairs has fallen into negative territory.

US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton came out in third place among the 2,017 British adults interviewed for the survey earlier this month.

Appearing in the list for the first time, she overtakes the Conservative Party and David Cameron, who held office as British Prime Minister for six years but lost four points following his decision to resign.

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The Labour Party came out in sixth place. However, incumbent party leader Jeremy Corbyn appeared below former Ukip leader Nigel Farage in the listings.

Chancellor of the exchequer, Philip Hammond, and Labour Party politician Owen Smith came out in ninth and tenth place, ahead of US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who was ranked unfavourably by 76 per cent and favourably by just seven per cent.

He narrowly missed out on the bottom spot, coming just ahead of John McDonnell, shadow chancellor of the exchequer, who was considered largely unheard of by respondents to the poll.

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