We might be waiting a while longer for Article 50 to be triggered

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The country is waiting for Article 50 to be triggered (Source: Getty)

Anyone waiting for the government to fire the starting gun on Article 50 - the official trigger that will kick off crucial negotiations between Britain and the EU - get ready to wait a little longer.

We already know it won't be triggered this year, but all eyes have been on the start of 2017 for triggering Article 50, which gives the country a two year deadline for leaving the bloc and would put the official Brexit timing at early 2019.

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Now, it could be even further down the road, pushing it as far back as the end of 2019, it's been claimed.

Several big political events in the calendar could set back the timetable, the Sunday Times reports citing City sources, while the new department charged with handling Britain's exit will not be ready.

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French elections are due to be held in spring next year while the Germans are expected to head to the polls in late summer or early autumn.

London mayor Sadiq Khan has called on Prime Minister Theresa May to wait until next autumn after the elections to trigger Article 50.

However, the delay could prolong uncertainty being experienced by business following the vote to leave the EU.

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