That cat picture Tube advertising takeover is happening - here's where, and when

Emma Haslett
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Moggies are set to take over Clapham Common Tube station (Source: Cats)

Remember that crowdfunding campaign which sought to replace all advertising on the Tube with pictures of cats?

It's happening, people.

In September. At Clapham Common (Cat-ham Common?) station. It's going to be paws-itiviely brilliant.

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The organisation behind it, the Citizens Advertising Takeover Service (yep - Cats), said its Kickstarter campaign had raised £23,131 from 683 backers, to bring the project to life.

Cats said its campaign will run from 12 September for two weeks - although while its cat posters will take over all the sites in the entrance hall, escalators and tunnels, the platforms will remain free of felines.

"Some posters will feature photographs of cats from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home and Cats Protection after Glimpse agreed a partnership with the two charities. Other sites will feature the cats of the 34 Kickstarter funders who contributed £100 or more", it said.

The organisation also asked for ideas to make the campaign "as famous as Grumpy Cat himself".

Back in May, when the campaign was first launched, they wrote: "Perhaps we'll start to realise that buying stuff isn't making us happy.

“Maybe cats won't make us happy either, but it’s got to be better than insurance adverts. Maybe during this moment of cat related calm we might have a brilliant thought, or a dumb one or even... spend a moment thinking about nothing at all.”

Er, maybe. Or maybe, for a couple of weeks, it'll just create the conditions for a purr-fect commute...

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