Theresa May given overwhelming support for leader of the UK in latest poll

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Home Secretary Theresa May Launches Her Bid For The Conservative Leadership
May has fared well in all polls since she became Tory leader (Source: Getty)

An overwhelming plurality of people back Theresa May for Prime Minister over Jeremy Corbyn, according to the latest poll.

A TNS BMRB poll found 44 per cent of people think May is a better leader for Britain than her Labour counterpart, who garnered just 16 per cent of support.

The poll gives the Conservatives a 13-point lead over Labour, with 39 per cent of support compared to the opposition's 26 per cent.

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Ukip took 11 per cent, while the Lib Dems claimed 10 per cent and the Greens garnered seven per cent.

Support for May is strongest among women over 55, with 68 per cent thinking she makes the best leader for Britain and only nine per cent of this group thinking Jeremy Corbyn would be best.

Luke Taylor, head of social and political attitudes at TNS BMRB said: “Theresa May will be pleased with both her personal poll ratings and those of her party just weeks into her premiership.

The poll does however hint at the challenge facing the Prime Minister in maintaining this level of support, with a large number of those surveyed (40 per cent) not having confidence in the government’s ability to negotiate Brexit and the nation polarised on what the upcoming negotiations should focus on.

Time will tell if these poll ratings are a honeymoon effect for a new Prime Minister or a lead in the polls that can be sustained through to the next general election.

This poll will be alarming for a Labour party in the middle of their second leadership election in twelve months. Whoever emerges as their new leader will want to act quickly to make inroads into this Conservative poll lead and address concerns about the party’s future.

Respondents found three important areas to focus on during the Brexit negotiations:

  • Sharing intelligence with EU countries (36 per cent)
  • Placing restrictions on migration from EU countries (34 per cent)
  • Keeping access to the Single Market (32 per cent)

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The poll comes after a YouGov poll that found the Conservatives had 38 per cent of support, with Labour trailing on 31 per cent.

The news comes as the Labour party civil war continues, with challenger Owen Smith hoping to replace Corbyn at the top of the party.

The most recent polling puts Corbyn overwhelmingly ahead of Smith, with bookies also fancying the incumbent.

Corbyn was also given a boost this week after a court ruling that all new members will be able to take part in the leadership election.

The decision is being appealed by the Labour party today.

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