Transport for Lovin: London's Speed Date Express made its first journey this morning

Reuben Pinder
Because time efficiency is the most important aspect of a relationship (Source:

Too busy to find love? Never fear: dating site has unveiled its new "Datemaster" bus service which allows time- (and love-) starved Londoners to speed date during their morning commute.

The double decker bus has been designed for guests to enjoy their journey "in a manner rarely associated with the stresses and strains of the typical daily commute" and to allow them to "put their commuting time to good use", said Match. Although we should add there are no beds on this bus.

Match dating expert Kate Taylor claimed it's the perfect solution for Londoners who don't go on as many dates as they would like to because of their hectic schedules (which is particularly applicable to bankers).

The service "finally allows singles to interact in a fun, romantic and time-efficient way" - which will presumably lead to a fun, romantic but not necessarily time-efficient evening.

A pilot scheme will be run this week, with routes from Clapham Junction to Liverpool Street and from Brixton to Liverpool Street (but not back to their flat).

If successful, Match has threatened to roll the service out across the UK at a later date. Exciting times for the nation's singles...

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