Scotch whisky distillery tours have boomed in the last five years, but here are three distilleries and breweries you can visit this weekend

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Och aye, the world of Scotch whisky has something new to raise a dram to.

The number of visitors to Scotch distilleries boomed between 2010 and 2015, rising by 20 per cent to around 1.6m visitors last year, according to figures from the Scotch Whisky Association.

Visitors to distilleries spent a total of £50m last year, up from £27m in 2010, on tours and in on-site shops and cafes. The average spend per visitor was £25.

The rise in visitors now puts Scotch distilleries on a par with other well-known attractions in the UK such as Edinburgh Castle and St Paul's Cathedral.

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The largest proportion of visitors came from Scotland and other parts of the UK, though Germans, Americans and French visitors also came out in droves. The US and France are the two largest markets by value for Scotch.

While it might be a little tricky to rock up to Scotland for a whisky tour at short notice - have no fear, here are three London booze-brewing and distilling houses you could visit as soon as this weekend:

1. The London Distillery Company

Close to London Bridge, the London Distillery Company is the capital's first whisky distillery since Lea Valley closed its doors more than a century ago. The company makes both whisky and gin at its headquarters and offers bespoke distillery tours. If you're lucky, the Dodd's gin makers can teach you how to make your own gin from scratch.

(Source: The London Distillery Company)

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2. Beefeater Distillery

OK, we've already run out of whisky distilleries in London, BUT you can still visit London's oldest gin distillery - Beefeater, in Kennington. With multiple tours a day and your £12 ticket including (of course) a G&T, you get a slice of history with your drinks tour when you go to Beefeater.

3. Camden Town Brewery

And, because it wouldn't be a booze tour list without a brewery, you can also go north of the river to Camden Town Brewery. Tour the lager and pale ale-specialist's HQ in standard tours or longer brewery tours on Thursdays and Saturdays.

(Source: Camden Town Brewery)

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