Quiz: Most UK drivers can only recognise 80 per cent of road signs - can you?

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Those people on the hard shoulder clearly didn't recognise the road markings... (Source: Getty)

Alarming news if you're planning a weekend getaway: the average UK driver can only recognise eight in 10 road signs.

According to research by Kwik Fit, two in five drivers have become so confused by the meanings of road signs, they've run into trouble on the road.

Just one in 10 drivers were able to recognise long central white line markings, while a circular white sign with a red border was correctly identified by just over a quarter of road users.

How's your road sign knowledge? Test yourself below.

Less haste, more speed

More than eight in 10 drivers got this one right.

Red stripe?

More than 90 per cent of drivers identified this correctly - but can you?

At a crossroads or just rail-ly confusing?

Some 87 per cent of drivers managed to answer this correctly.

It's painted on the road - but what is it?

Only 59 per cent of drivers identified this triangle correctly.

White lines

Only 10 per cent of drivers knew what these road markings mean.

Sock it to me

Almost eight in 10 drivers managed to identify this.

Getting the blues

This sign doesn't appear much - so it's hardly surprising only 25 per cent got it right.

C for cold case

This sign's a familiar sight to drivers in the capital - but 70 per cent of the nation's road users identified it.

Blank space

A blank white space in a red circle - only 27 per cent of drivers knew what it meant.

Happy families

Just over half of drivers knew what this happy family meant

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