How to holiday like a retail tycoon: Here's everywhere Sir Philip Green's yacht has been since he was labelled "the unacceptable face of capitalism"

Helen Cahill
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Sir Philip Green's Aegean summer cruise has come under intense scrutiny since MPs labelled him "the unacceptable face of capitalism" last month - but save for a few sightings, the whereabouts of Green's £100m yacht has been something of a mystery.

Until now.

Using publicly-available data, City A.M. has literally joined to dots to find out what the Green family has been doing while the administrators dismantled the remnants of the BHS. The map shows where the Lionheart, Green's yacht, has been from the day of the MPs' scathing report on BHS, until Monday.

The Greens' Greek odyssey has taken them from Skopelos in the western Aegean, down to a bay off the quiet island of Hydra, a 793-mile journey down Greece's eastern coast.

If you want to holiday like a retail tycoon, here's our handy guide to the Green family's stopping points:

1. Skopelos

The beautiful island of Skopelos is the perfect place to start your Greek island-hopping holiday. It's known for its monasteries - and, of course, its beaches. The closest to the main town is Glysteri.


2. Skiathos

Arcadia chief executive Green took some time out from the BHS drama in Skiathos to go for a spot of tennis with his wife Lady Green, and who can blame him? The Aegean paradise, with its busy yacht marina, is the perfect place to hang out with hip Italians, Greeks and Spaniards as you grab a bite to eat in the old port - or perhaps opt for some scuba diving.

3. Mykonos

As one of the most luxurious of the Greek islands, Mykonos is a favourite for sun-lovers and well heeled party-goers.

It also has an interesting history. During the Greek revolution, Greece’s national heroine, Manto Mavrogenous, gave up her family’s considerable wealth to fight for her country’s independence. She travelled to Mykonos to convince the island’s leaders to join her, financed two war ships which drove away pirates attacking the island, and equipped Mykonians in their struggle against the Ottoman Turks.

4. Poros

The small Greek island of Poros, in the southern part of the Saronic Gulf, was once a key meeting place for the leaders of the Greek Revolution in 1821 as they plotted independence from the Ottoman Empire.

In his 1941 book The Colossus of Maroussi, American novellist Henry Miller described arriving in the bay: "Coming into Poros gives the illusion of the deep dream. Suddenly the land converges on all sides and the boat is squeezed into a narrow strait from which there is no egress."

5. Hydra

A quiet island, Hydra has become famous for its part in films such as Boy on a Dolphin featuring Italian bombshell Sophia Loren.


The main attractions in Hydra include hiking, horse riding and relaxing on beaches - or, as the Greens did, pottering around on your superyacht in a quiet bay. The Greens only stopped off here briefly - but it was just long enough for Lady Green to be snapped by passing journalists.