Rare Pokemon mean prizes in Canary Wharf

Billy Bambrough
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Pokemon Go Launches In The UK
The Pokemon craze took off last month and looks far from dying out (Source: Getty)

Office managers in Canary Wharf can blame the Canary Wharf Group if some staff members have been spending even more time playing Pokemon Go this week.

The group that oversees development of the Wharf is tempting workers to ditch their duties by offering rewards for those who hunt down and share tweets of rare Pokemon on the wildly popular smartphone game.

Such is the success of Pokemon Go – it raked in over £150m in revenue in its first month and has more regular users around the world than WhatsApp or Twitter – the Canary Wharf Group reckon the game could even entice new businesses to the area.

The group claims the Wharf is prime Pokemon catching territory due to a cluster of so-called Pokestops though managers fed up with younger members of staff playing the game during office hours might be inclined to disagree and would prefer for Pokemon obsessed millennials to wait until they get home.

Last month aerospace engineering firm Boeing issued a company wide ban on the game after it had been installed on over 100 of its work phones, saying its staff had not been able to make the “conscious decision to not play Pokemon at work”.

Although you could be able to pick up real-life rewards for trying to catch ‘em all, it might not be worth risking your job for; the prize up for grabs is only for a £10 gift card.

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