Facebook will stop users blocking adverts

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Ads on Facebook will appear even if using adblockers (Source: Getty)

Facebook is the latest media company to fight the rise of ad blockers, by serving ads to those who use the software.

It will force ads to appear on the desktop version of the social network even if they use the popular software, said Facebook executive Andrew Bosworth.

It will also give users greater control over the ads users see according to their interests.

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"When they’re relevant and well-made, ads can be useful, helping us find new products and services and introducing us to new experiences - like an ad that shows you your favourite band is coming to town or an amazing airline deal to a tropical vacation," said Bosworth in a blog post.

"But because ads don’t always work this way, many people have started avoiding certain websites or apps, or using ad blocking software, to stop seeing bad ads. These have been the best options to date."

The vice president of ads and business platform said Facebook's ad formats and the addition of the new preference tools addressed the main reasons people turned to adblockers in the first place.

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"When we asked people about why they used ad blocking software, the primary reason we heard was to stop annoying, disruptive ads. As we offer people more powerful controls, we’ll also begin showing ads on Facebook desktop for people who currently use ad blocking software."

Facebook derives the majority of its profits from advertising which helped it produce impressive results.

Several media companies, including City A.M., do not let users see content on websites if users have installed ad blocking software.

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