Which Olympic-themed streets have the highest house prices? Zoopla answers the question no one was asking

Emma Haslett
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15th IAAF World Athletics Championships Beijing 2015 - Day Six
Everyone's happy on Bolt Street... (Source: Getty/Flickr)

In the grand scheme of questions we had about the Rio 2016 Olympics ("Will all the buildings actually be finished by tonight's opening ceremony?", "Could those swimming trunks be any smaller?", etc), "does having the word 'Bolt' in my street name affect the value of my house?" wasn't one of them.

But the good people at online property portal Zoopla have gone ahead and answered that question anyway. And the answer is: kinda.

The company did an analysis of the street names vaguely associated with the Olympic and Paralympic games and found streets with the word "Bolt" in them had the highest property values, with an average of £563,106.

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Meanwhile, Team GB's own modfather, Bradley Wiggins, came second - streets with "Wiggins" in the name came second, with an average value of £465,530.

"Polo", "Golf", "Football", "Sportsman" and "Archery" all came among the top 10 - while "Gold" only came in at number eight.

Meanwhile, Team GB had a pretty decent showing in the top 10 athletes, taking up nine of the top 10 sports (although Bolt came at number one). What are the chances?

And not surprisingly, streets with "Gold" had an average property value of £333,570, while "Silver" had an average value of £277,739 and "Bronze" was valued at £257,282.

"It appears that it’s not only London’s streets that are paved with gold, but roads that share their name with Jamaica’s most famous sporting export are too," said Zoopla spokesperson Lawrence Hall. Er, quite.

Still: Zoopla isn't the only one awkwardly crowbarring the Olympics into a press release. This morning salary benchmarking site Emolument.com tried to prove "strong correlations" between a nation's Olympic performance and how much their software developers are paid. Here's the result.