China warns EU steel tariffs will hurt the bloc's manufacturers

Jessica Morris
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A Look Inside China's Steel Industry
Chinese steel exports have been blamed for the European industry's crisis (Source: Getty)

China warned that fresh EU anti-dumping tariffs on its steel imports would hurt part of the struggling region's already struggling manufacturing sector.

It comes after the European Commission said today that it would levy retroactive anti-dumping duties on imports of certain cold rolled steel products, used in the construction and automotive industries.

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The EU and China are locked in an intensifying trade war over a flood of steel imports from Chinese mills which has driven down prices and plunged the European industry into crisis.

China's Commerce Ministry said that the duties against two of its steel firms would weaken the EU's downstream manufacturing sector, which relies on international trade to sell, market and distribute products outside of the bloc.

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"This move amplifies legal uncertainty and gravely affects normal international trade," it said.

It called on the EU to "avoid abusing trade remedies and sending a wrong signal to the world", and reiterated that it was open to working with the bloc to find a solution to the global steel crisis.