This Big Four accountant has just reduced its recruitment process after millennials whined

Emma Haslett
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The Big Chill - Day Three
This guy is expressing his disillusionment at the Big Four's lengthy recruitment process (Source: Getty)

Say what you like about millennials, but they know how complain. Big Four accountant KPMG has just revealed plans to cut the length of its hiring process, after millennials whined.

Apparently, millennials (those born after 1980) said the interview process for graduate roles, which at KPMG involved a first interview, an interview at an assessment centre and a final interview, left them "disillusioned and frustrated".

A third of those involved said they were frustrated by lengthy recruitment processes, while 43 per cent said they were frustrated by "poor communication" from their potential employer.

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Now KPMG has cut its graduate recruitment process down to a single day, a process it calls Launch Pad. It added the new, streamlined process will give students the chance to "gain new skills, network with existing KPMG staff and partners, as well as their peers.

"Millennials don’t want to navigate a cumbersome and convoluted recruitment process when applying for a job and this is something we as business leaders need to understand and address," said KPMG UK chairman Simon Collins.

"From now on a candidate’s final interviews and assessments will take place over the course of just one day and we will make them an offer or give feedback explaining why they were not successful within two working days.” Here's hoping they enjoy it...

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