Union calls on Tata Steel to clarify intentions for Port Talbot

Jessica Morris
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Thousands of jobs in the UK steel sector are at risk (Source: Getty)

The steelworkers' union Community has called on Tata Steel to clarify exactly what its intentions are for Port Talbot steel plant and the wider industry.

"They need to be clearer this is where we are, this is what needs to happen and this is what the government needs to do," a Community spokesperson told City A.M.

It comes after reports suggested that Port Talbot workers won't learn their fate until next year due to the intricacies of linking Tata with ThyssenKrupp.

The Telegraph said that Tata regards the negotiations as just as complex as the ones over the sale of its Scunthorpe operation to turnaround specialist Greybull, a process which took about half a year.

Tata paused the sale of its UK assets earlier this month, to open talks with German rival Thyssenkrupp about “alternative and more sustainable” models for its European business.

The Indian congolomerate announced that its entire UK operations were up for sale in March, a move which has put thousands of jobs at risk.