Classic British marque Bristol Cars has just unveiled the Bristol Bullet - its first vehicle in more than a decade

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The £250,000 speedster is the first car unveiled by Bristol since 2004 (Source: Bristol Cars)

Bristol Cars may be best known for its sleek classic numbers, but the iconic British car marque has just unveiled its latest sporty little runaround - and it's bang up to date.

The £250,000 Bristol Bullet, the 70-year-old brand's first car since it was rescued from insolvency five years ago, was inspired by a speedster which had lain neglected under a tapaulin in its factory.

The design draws its wings, front grill and bonnet from the company's roots as an aeroplane manufacturer - while the dashboard includes wood panelling.

But despite its vintage styling, the Bristol Bullet features a powerful V8 Hercules engine manufactured by BMW, does 0-62pmh in 3.8 seconds, and can hit top speeds of 155mph. It also includes wifi and Bluetooth connections, screen mirroring and smartphone connectivity.


It's Bristol's first new motor since it was rescued from insolvency five years ago, and the first car launched by the brand since the less-than-pretty Fighter, in 2004.

The company, which was originally spun-out of the Bristol Aeroplane Company in 1947, was bought out of administration in 2011 - it's now headquartered in Surrey as part of Kamkorp Group, which also owns Metrocab, the engineering company which has produced an eco-friendly electric Black Cab.

"The Bullet celebrates 70 years of design and innovation at Bristol Cars. This unique speedster sets the tone for the future of Bristol Cars - with a focus on luxury, performance and elegance," said Julian Ramshaw, general manager at Bristol Cars.

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