Microsoft's made an iPhone app which uses AI to improve your photos

Lynsey Barber
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Better photos are just an app away (Source: Getty)

Microsoft is putting its artificial intelligence technology to good uses again - this time, helping you take better pictures.

After that ill-fated chatbot experiment, and more fun japes such as HowOldRobot and CaptionBot, Microsoft has put the tech to better use with a picture app for iPhone. Great news for anyone who strugggles to capture the perfect snap.

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The app, Pix, captures several images when you take a picture and using AI, picks the best ones as well as improving things such as the brightness of faces and better colours and tones automatically.

It can also create a gif-like image from your picture if it identifies particular features (hair blowing in the wind, for example) which would work well to create a "Harry Potter-esque effect" which it calls Live Image (similar to Apple's own live photos feature.

“Given all that the phone knows about a user, why can’t it take better photos?” said the app's creator Josh Weisberg, a program manager in Microsoft's Computational Photography Group.

Watch how it works below.

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