Till death us do part... or we buy property: One in five millennials would settle for a partner if it got them on the housing ladder

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Your deposit is HOW big? (Source: Getty)

If romance wasn’t already dead, it might well be now.

In some of the most telling news yet about the state of the UK’s property market, one in five millennials have said they would forgo finding “the one” if they could settle for another partner in a less-than-ideal relationship... if that person could help them buy a house.

According to research from Tandem Bank, 21 per cent of 18 to 34-year-olds would make this trade-off, while 67 per cent want to know how big their partner’s deposit is on the first date.

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The unfettered desire to know whether or not a potential life partner can assist you in getting on the property ladder is yet another depressing result of Generation Rent’s battle with the housing market.

In the same survey, more than a third (36 per cent) of respondents said they would never be able to own a home, while a further 23 per cent said they have lost all hope of owning property.

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This rather depressing picture of millennial values has all emerged from some first date research conducted by Tandem, in which people voted on the top 25 first date questions young Britons would really like to ask.

The Capitalist is pleased to report that the top three questions are the much more romance-related “do you believe in love at first sight?”, “are you over your ex?” and “how many holidays do you have a year?”

So maybe’s there’s hope after all. Or, maybe Generation Rent are finally getting so sick of moving back in with their parents, they’re learning how to compromise. But, for their sakes, we hope they can find a way to hold out.

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