London Wall still closed to vehicles eastbound after hundreds evacuated following a gas leak last night

Emma Haslett
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City Of London Police Launch New Policing Tactics
City of London police said they had begun evacuating buildings (Source: Caitlin Morrison)

London Wall was still closed to some vehicles after a gas leak last night caused hundreds of City workers to be evacuated.

City of London police said the road was closed to vehicles heading eastbound.

No injuries or fatalities were reported in the incident, a spokesman for the London Fire Brigade said last night. He added that the service was called at 4pm to attend to gas leak from the cellar of a coffee shop.

“The gas engineers are currently working on it and we have a fire engine on standby just in case we are needed," he said.

"The surrounding buildings, which were mainly offices, were all evacuated and fortunately we haven’t yet been needed. We’re just there as a precaution.”

Londoners were told to avoid the area as London Wall was shut eastbound.