Customers are flocking towards new banking tech like apps and contactless payments according to a BBA report

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It may only be a matter of time before vibranium shields and webshooters take off among banking customers. (Source: Getty)

Consumers are flocking towards new banking technology, according to a new report, with mobile banking apps now being used more than 7,500 times a minute.

Figures published by the British Bankers Association today show a dramatic rise in account holders using their mobiles to access their money.

Mobile apps are now used more almost three times more commonly than banks' websites, with internet banking logins actually falling last year.

BBA figures for 2015 show mobile apps were used 11m times a day in 2015, compared to internet banking logins of 4.3m a day.

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Mobile technology was also more popular in 2014, although the gap has increased markedly in the latest figures.

Published as part of the BBA's annual The Way We Bank Now report with EY, the figure also show a dramatic rise in the use of contactless cards, which is up 250 per cent, with £1.1bn spent in March 2016, compared to the same month last year.

BBA chief executive Anthony Browne said: “We are in the midst of a consumer-led revolution in the way we do our day-to-day banking. Customers love the new technology that is allowing us to bank round the clock.

“You can set up standing orders while standing in the queue for the bus and check your balance while checking in at the airport. The choice now on offer from banks, from state-of-the-art branches to cutting edge apps, has put customers firmly in the driving seat on the way we bank.”

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