Call off the search: Michelin starred chefs have found the best pie in Britain... and it's from an unlikely source

Francesca Washtell
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We're sure the winner won't go bragging to all the other pies (Source: Morrisons)

The search is over.

Michelin starred chefs, master butchers and industry experts have done the hard work for you, and crowned Morrisons £1.50 humble pork pie the best in Britain.

Morrisons Caramelised Onion Lattice Pork Pie, as it is officially known, is sold at the chain's Market Street deli counters and weighs in at a modest 400g.

Despite its cost, the pie took six months, 12 recipe attempts and the involvement of more than 40 pie experts in its development.

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More than one million of the meaty, pastry delights have been sold so far, and according to Morrisons was developed in response to "growing customer demand for more exciting and gourmet pork pie flavours".

The pie, which is made in Yorkshire, was awarded its new crown at the Supermeat Awards 2016 in London, which has been dubbed by industry insiders as the "Oscars for meat products".

Morrisons will be adding the humble pie to its trophy wall, which is already well stacked after the grocer won three gold medals at the International Wine Challenge in May.

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