Nick Clegg makes return to frontline politics as Lib Dems' head of Brexit

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Nick Clegg is ready for the big time (ish) again
Nick Clegg is ready for the big time (ish) again (Source: Getty)

Former deputy prime minister Nick Clegg will make a comeback to frontline politics as the Liberal Democrats' chief Brexit spokesperson.

The MP for Sheffield Hallam stepped down as leader of the party following the Lib Dems' near-wipeout at last year's general election. But with so much government policy to scrutinise, his replacement Tim Farron has called on Clegg to step back into the fray.

Clegg will be hoping to get a few more people agreeing with him in his new official role as European Union spokesperson when he publishes a series of essays and articles outlining his vision of the UK's future in Europe.

"There is no-one better placed in British politics to hold the government to account over Brexit than Nick," said Farron.

"When it comes to facing down Theresa May ... Nick has been there and got the T-shirt."

Clegg said: "With no meaningful opposition from the Labour Party, no exit plan from the Government, Whitehall unprepared for the Brexit negotiations, and above all, Theresa May’s refusal to seek a mandate from the people for what is in effect a new government, there is a real risk that she and her Brexit ministers won’t be subject to the scrutiny and accountability which voters deserve."

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