Detoxers spell the death of the party holiday, while Heineken innovates to serve beer from the keg on planes

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Yoga holidays are taking precedence over Britons' "traditional" annual booze holidays (Source: Getty)

If you thought you might be able to escape “clean eating” and all the other health and wellbeing fads cluttering up your inbox while you were on holiday this summer, I’m afraid you’re about to be disappointed.

Or maybe you wouldn’t be. The Capitalist was more than a bit dismayed to learn 78 per cent of British holidaymakers would opt for a detox holiday over a boozy party break.

Puritanical millennials would appear to be the driver of this new trend. Those aged between 25 and 34 are 25 per cent more likely to enjoy this kind of holiday than those aged 35 to 44, according to the survey of more than 1,000 adults by Plenish Cleanse.

While The Capitalist would never seek to actively promote binge drinking and hard partying, she can’t help but think this detoxing is just another higher-horse form of bingeing itself.

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Is the idea that we can let our hair down a little and sleep it off by the poolside a thing of the past already?

Almost one in five of us Britons has been on a detox holiday in the last year, with trips to spas the most popular form (66 per cent), yoga retreats coming in second (57 per cent) and fitness bootcamps the third most popular (35 per cent) in this “health and wellbeing” holiday trend.

Fortunately, Heineken might have put a stop to all this self-bettering. The brewer has now found a way to pour a proper pint... on aeroplanes.

In a partnership with KLM Airlines, Heineken will now be served straight from the keg on selected aircraft. It’s harder to detox over the whole holiday, after all, if you get drunk on the flight out.

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